Practical and Easy Ways to Clean Oily Kitchen Walls

Sometimes when you cook, you might spill oil on the stove, or oil pops out and hits the kitchen wall. It is where the problem lies; the oil stain is difficult to remove. Besides, it will cause an unpleasant odor. It will also disturb the beauty and will damage the ceramic kitchen wall layers. The worst case is you use white kitchen wall tiles.

Usually, many people clean the oil splash just by wiping it using a dry cloth or wet cloth. But this method will not completely clean the oil stain because the remnants will still stick. Therefore, you need a smart way to overcome it to keep your kitchen clean and fragrant. Check out the following review.

Clean with cornflour and vinegar flour solution

To remove oil from the kitchen walls, the first ingredient you can use is a solution made from cornstarch and vinegar. How to make the solution is quite easy by mixing the two ingredients and stirring until it becomes a paste. Then add water until it’s a little runny. After that, you can rub it on the oily kitchen wall.

Wipe using a sponge

If you have applied cornstarch and vinegar solution to the kitchen wall, then you can then proceed to the next step, wiping it with a sponge. You can rub the sponge in a circular motion until the oil stain disappears.

Wash with dishwashing soap

After the oil stain is gone or clean, take a cloth and put it in water mixed with dishwashing liquid. Wipe the wet towel on the kitchen wall.

Dry it

If you have done the steps above, you can immediately dry them. The trick is to take a dry cloth and wipe it on your kitchen wall until it is scorched.

That was the way to clean oil stains on the kitchen wall. Easy enough, right? Good luck. For those of you who want to buy a tile with good quality, be sure to buy it at Amber Tiles. Amber Tiles provides various types of tiles with motif, texture, and number one quality. You can visit the website at