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Nowadays online shopping has become an alternative in buying all necessities, in addition to being fast and easy it certainly does not take up much time. There are already many online sites that you can make choices as a place to shop, ranging from social media, online stores, e-commerce to marketplaces such as the Love-Lingeri.

Not only that, supported by the many payment options ranging from credit cards to transfers, making it increasingly popular with many people. Coupled with the security facilities provided users don’t need to hesitate anymore in enjoying online shopping, even though they don’t use a credit card. But unfortunately, not all places can sometimes provide safe and comfortable services for consumers.

Not infrequently also many online shops that are managed carelessly by providing products that are not quality so that it can harm consumers of course. If you use a credit card payment system, it may be possible to cancel items that do not match or do not reach the hands. But what if you choose the payment method in cash?

If you want to shop safely online, the tips below might help you:

1. First Check the Online Shop

Before deciding to shop in an online store, be sure to always check the online store. This is mandatory, you have to check the reputation of the store. Do not just be interested just because of the photos of the products shown. Consider the reputation of the store starting from the testimonials, are there any positive or not?

Online stores that often commit fraud will naturally get a lot of negative comments from previous consumers. If you find a lot of negative comments on an online store, it would be better if you switch to another online store.

2. Choose an Online Store that Has Long Been Operating

It’s good if you choose an online store that has been operating for a long time. The shorter the age of online stores, it is important to question the safety and service of these stores. Do not let you experience a loss, either receiving goods that are not in accordance with the order or even not receiving goods at all.

To avoid risks like this, it would be better if you choose an online store with long operating hours, at least it has been established for more than a year. If you already have the experience, of course, it will be easy to check the reputation and credibility of the store.

3. Many Have Loyal Consumers

Another way to see whether the online store is safe or not in conducting transactions without a credit card is to see how many stores have loyal customers.

The best and most trusted online shop, of course, will always try to maintain the satisfaction of consumers by providing maximum service. So, choose an online store that has many customers, not only seen at the age of the store. This is because the age of online stores does not always guarantee to have many loyal customers.

Choose an online store that is always active in updating the products it offers and has many loyal customers who remain. So even if you shop online without a credit card, it still feels comfortable and safe.

4. Have 24-Hour Customer Service that Can Be Contacted

Trusted online stores certainly facilitate consumers with Customer Service features that can help to find what they need. So, if you want to feel safe and comfortable when shopping online, make sure that the online store has customer service, even operating 24 hours. This can anticipate the risk of fraud that often occurs. Make sure you note down the telephone number and with whom you are communicating.