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There are often times when it is best to express a bit of regret and remorse to certain situations that could have been brought about by our intransigence.  It is possible to express regret by spending a lot of money to say so or a more simple method that really gets to convey what is intended would serve the purpose just as well.

Flowers: These could be the classical expression of regret that has been in use for ages.  Even the classical works mention the use of flowers to express feeling that is best expressed and not kept inside.  With the range and types of flowers on offer there really would be no variety to suit the occasion and deed.

Diamonds: If there comes a time when money should not be a barrier to letting out what is in the inside of a person, then it is best told out by the use of diamonds.  They are indeed a girl’s best friend and there would be no better way to win over a heart with just the right type of diamond for the occasion.

Cards: There are indeed cards to suit every occasion and with the more recent entrants to the field of making cards, there never is a situation when the right card cannot be found.  It is of course a very affordable way of expressing oneself and it is possible to send over the feeling long distance too.  The recent advent of e-cards have only revitalized this seemingly anachronism of the past.

Personalized caps: They can be made as jazzy as can be with messages that would suit the occasion to match too.  With the advent of those folks that can thing up a message for you, there need not be much time spent in thinking up the right words or color to use.  All to be delivered to the one person that matters at that moment of regret where ever they might be put up.

T-shirts: People often do not thing up of a t-shirt of being good enough to express regret.  But it would be surprising to know of the variations possible and the messages possible that could be figured out or have a special significance to the two of you.  Distances can no longer be a barrier to express regret in this form nor budgets either.  It really is an affordable option to use at most times.

Umbrella: What better way to usher in the sunshine than with a good wide umbrella that does remind the other of your smile and particularly on a dull rainy day.  This could be a thought that could mend old fences at the least and mend hearts at the best of times. Never under estimate the power of feeling at its best.

Beer mug: There would be just the right beer mug for the occasion and reason and at an affordable price too.  Never would the other have to think of you at times of misery as most beer sessions are mostly a happy affair.

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