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Judging from the construction, the shoe now comes from sandals. In every ancient civilization generally, have a diverse footwear design. The oldest civilization, Egypt, became evidence of the existence of this leg wrapping 3500 years BC. At that time, the shape is still a fabric of papyrus leaves or straw. An interesting fact is making sandals turns out to have become an art appreciation at that time.

Caste differences also affect the shape of sandals. In Egypt, Pharaoh’s sandals have a tapered curve upwards, while their queen sandals are studded with gems. Another with the empress in Rome. Her soles are made of gold and the rope is shining beautifully because of the sprinkling of precious stones. the heels were entitled to be worn by French aristocratic women in the sixteenth century, with very high privileges until the wearer seemed to stand on his thumb while wearing them. Shoe form for right and left legs, newly distinguished in the early 18th century. Previously, shoemakers simply put additional leather pads on the base size prints if the shoe is larger. comfort has not taken precedence at the time.

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Entering the 19th century, along with the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the machine, mass-produced mass shoe floods, the glamor of the Hollywood film industry and the appreciation of the design art have greatly increased the industry today. Shoes are no longer just functional objects, but also aesthetics. This also happened in Indonesia. the average Indonesian woman currently buys 4-6 pairs of shoes each year. “The development of the last 5 years is remarkable,” said Yongki Komaladi, a shoe designer, “Indonesian people from all walks of life have started to follow fashion trends.

The Maestro


He was the first celebrity shoe designer. long before Manalo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo stomped on the red carpet. One of the phenomenal works is high heels without rights. He also collaborated with designers, such as Paul Poiret, Charles Jourdan, and Hubert D.Givenchy. Perugia also published the book From Eve to Rita Hayworth. Where he reveals the theory of a woman’s personality by learning her finger.


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