Various benefits of lavender oil for your hair

Essential oils are often used for treatment or care. One type is lavender oil from lavender oil at In Essence, comes from lavender plants that were previously carried out by the distillation process and used as extracts. Also, to relieve migraines or freshen the air, lavender oil is known in hair care. What are the benefits of lavender oil for hair?

Just like other body parts, the hair also requires a lot of nutrition. If you have a bad hair condition, this can be caused by many things. Lack of nutrients needed by hair is the most common cause. Incompatibility of product use and wrong hair care techniques can also cause this condition. Also, poor hair condition can be associated with several illnesses to stress.

To overcome this, you can use lavender oil on your hair as a form of treatment. Here are the benefits of lavender oil for hair.

1. Supports hair growth

Lavender oil has properties to stimulate hair growth. that lavender oil applied to mice makes hair in mice stimulate the number of hair follicles. This causes mouse hair to become thicker with a faster time.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to misinterpret hair follicle growth as a foreign body. As a result, their hair growth stalled. The results showed that 44 percent of alopecia patients who used lavender oil as treatment-experienced new hair growth. They do the treatment by massaging the scalp with the oil every day for seven months, as quoted by Live Strong.

2. Prevents hair loss

Hair loss is often a complaint of many people. If not treated, chances are your hair will get thinner. In addition to helping hair growth, lavender oil can also stop hair loss. The sweet and soft aroma produced from the oil can calm the mind while controlling tension in the muscles. Therefore, stress and anxiety that are the cause of hair loss are reduced.

3. Reducing skin inflammation, musty odor, and dandruff

Lavender has antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. These properties can overcome dandruff on the scalp. This dandruff produced by excess sebum (oil) makes the condition of the scalp and hair also oily. Using lavender oil will help balance the production of sebum on the scalp so that dandruff is more easily overcome.

Also, the scent produced by lavender can make hair more fragrant. This avoids the musty odor due to fungus or bacteria on the hair or scalp. The anti-inflammatory content of lavender oil can accelerate the healing process of irritation or sores on the scalp due to scratching the itchy scalp.

4. Eradicate head lice

A study in 2011 found that lavender oil helped prevent the development of head lice while killing it. The result will be more leverage if lavender oil is mixed with tea tree oil.

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