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Look around your house and you will definitely find a place destined for a shopping bag. Observe for day and you’ll come to a conclusion that each day few of these bags are used and disposed of. Isn’t is better that you go for a single reusable bag rather than opting for a number of disposable bags. Not only will they prove to be extremely economical, but they will also be better for the environment. There are multiple benefits of using reusable bags;  

Plastic bags are made of non-renewable resources 

Since the plastic bags are produced from various compounds that are non-renewable sources, it affects environment. One of the products used to make plastic bags is oil which is a fossil fuel. The excess use of oil to produce plastic bags can cause the oil resources to deplete eventually which will be a huge blow to the environment. Another major drawback of using plastic bags is that there production involves emission of greenhouse gases. Hence, reusable bags are definitely a much more suitable option.  

Additional strength and durability 

For all those people who have used both kinds of bags, reusable bags will definitely be a better option overall. Apart from them being a major benefit to the environment, reusable bags have a lot more sustainability than the causal plastic bags. You will often get stuck up with your stuff when a plastic bag’s handle is torn off due to exerted weight, but not with reusable bags. They are much more stronger and can survive much more weight than the casual plastic bags. In addition to this, the best part about the reusable bags are that they have minimal leakages.  

Comparatively low disposal of litter 

This might come to you as a surprise but only 1% of the plastic bags are recycled and reused for various purposes. The other 99% of the plastic bags are disposed of as litter. They are found in the oceans which cause the natural life to be affected. Not only to sea creatures, simply throwing them off to open air can cause immense damage to other natural creatures. Plastic bags have also been a major cause for flooding since they tend to affect the drainage system by getting sucked up in the drains. In contrast, since the reusable bags are used on regular basis before being disposed of, they can be a real benefit to the environment.  

Reusable bags are ideal for trees 

You might be considering how trees are affected with the use of plastic bags. Well, the use of plastic bags incorporates paper bags too, which majority of the families use to carry their groceries. Rather than completely relying on paper bags, people should find reusable grocery bags washable as an ideal alternative. Not only is it beneficial for environment, but it gives you the option to use it again and again. The more you start using reusable bags, the more trees will be saved which will be beneficial for the atmosphere.


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