What is the Right Way to Clean Makeup Brushes?

Skin breakout is real and most time is caused by hidden bacteria in your makeup brushes. Over time, as a result of use, bacteria accumulates on your brushes.

The more you clean them, the less you are prone to skin breakout and other skin diseases. While it might prove technical to clean a makeup brush, we have gleaned information from users on ReviewsBird.com to know how to go about it. We understand that there is an art to cleaning brushes and do not take such art for granted. Also, reading reviews of online stores, we know better not to discuss only the regularity of cleaning brushes but also how you should do it and what you should use for cleaning it.

How often should you clean brushes?

Experts suggest a week. That is, you are to soak your brushes into lukewarm water for a week to clean out the build-up of any bacteria. While your eye shadows and liner brushes enjoy far more flexible cleaning moments, experts are particular about your brushes, especially those used around the eyes. They recommend soaking and cleaning them at least twice a month. Also, soaking up your brushes does not just prevent skin breakouts but as well improves the strength of your brushes’ bristles. In all, it is safer to soak your brushes than not.

What should you use to clean brushes?

If you were to check an online store for cleaners, you would find dozens of them. The best method is to use water, soap, and cleaner. Another tool you can use is your favorite facial cleanser. Some dishwashing liquid soaps have also proven to be quite effective for cleaning makeup brushes.

The right way to clean makeup brushes

·        Wash:

You can hand-wash brushes gently with antibacterial soap and give a proper wash. You can alternatively dip them under running water, then into a bowl of soap to form a lather. Use liquid soap if applicable.

·        Swirl:

When you are done washing, hold your brush for some seconds, then swirl in the bowl to clean. When you are certain about their cleanliness, proceed to the next stage.

·        Repeat: 

If there is still residue in the brushes, the best thing is to repeat the process — wash and swirl. If you are unsure about the situation, you still should repeat it. Do this once or twice to get your brushes perfectly cleaned.

·        Dry:

Now proceed to the final stage which is drying. After you have washed and cleaned, you should lay the brushes somewhere they can easily dry. Do not place them on top of each other. Instead, place them side by side for the best result.


The simple method most makeup users often forget to apply is to clean their brushes. Yet this is the most basic and effective approach to combating skin breakouts and other diseases. If you’re unsure how to go about it, clean your brushes at least once a week, wash, swirl, and repeat the process. Then dry when all is done.


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