3 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Health

Our health should always be a priority, as when we lose it, we realise just how important it is. Moving.

Our health should always be a priority, as when we lose it, we realise just how important it is. Moving towards a healthier lifestyle can feel overwhelming, as there is so much to consider, which is why we’ve broken it down and are making things much easier. With these three small changes, you’ll be making really positive progress towards a healthier lifestyle without feeling a huge change to your routine. So, let’s get into it and get ready to learn about positive changes you can make for your health!

Buy Colourful Fruits and Vegetables

First up, head to the supermarket and pick out some colourful fruits and vegetables! We’re starting with what we eat but not focusing on what you need to take away from your diet. Many people would suggest you completely cut out fat and sugar, but if you’re just starting your journey this is unrealistic for most people and then you’ll begin to associate unhappiness with healthy eating. So, rather than taking away, we’re going to add lots of fresh fruits and veggies, then you’ll naturally find that you eat less of the unhealthier foods over time.

Head to the fruit and veg aisle and pick out 5 different coloured fruits and veg, then eat them throughout the week in your meals or for snacks. The reason for this is that different coloured fruits and veg contain different minerals and vitamins, so when you eat a range, you know you’re consuming different nutrients. Nutrients are essential for so many different bodily functions, including your brain and how you feel, so we know you’ll experience a boost in energy when you start this off. You can even do it straight away! A good cheap hack here is to buy frozen fruits and start your day with a smoothie.

Book A Dentist Appointment

Next up, you should book a dentist appointment if you haven’t been for more than 6 months, whether you have your natural teeth, have been to a cosmetic dental clinic or you’re looking to have treatments in the future. Our oral health ties in so closely with the rest of our health, and when our smile is happy and healthy, it makes us feel great and protects our health. You may think everything is fine and there are no problems because you’re not experiencing pain or bleeding, or your Invisalign aligners fit fine, however there are so many serious issues that can go unnoticed for a very long time, to the point where invasive procedures are needed to repair the damage. Seeing your dentist around every 6 months helps to reduce the chance of this happening, so issues can quickly be caught and treatment is less invasive and expensive.

Set A Step Challenge

Last but not least, set yourself a step challenge. Walking is a great low-intensity exercise option that can help to keep your joints and muscles healthy, along with helping you to stay a healthy weight. Plus, it’s completely free! So, look on your phone in the health app and see how many steps you’re currently doing. Then, try to add 1,000 steps for the first week, then increase by 2,000 the second week. Work up until you reach a level that is realistic for your routine and stick to it. You’ll feel such a significant difference when you stick with this, plus it’s great for your mental health, especially when you can get out into the fresh air.

This article was written by Alaska